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I discovered salsa after I enjoyed a vast amount of extreme hobbies before 2015, like Certified Scuba Diving, Speleology, Sky Diving, Rappelling,  Extreme Rafting, etc…
I was lucky enough to discover Mambo Salsa On2 by learning from my favorite local instructor Isaiah Aoun under the academy name Dance N’ Attitude (DNA). Later on, started learning performing skills in Salsa Acrobatics from Kaycee under the academy name SevenGo.
Since 2015, I attended several international festivals and learned from Top Notch artists in that field. I will name some:
Cyprus Salsa Congress, Mamboland, Berlin Salsa Congress, Amsterdam Salsa Festival, Istanbul Salsa Marathon, etc…
In addition to regularly attending our local high-end festival the Lebanon Latin Festival.
My friends and people around me loved my style since I focus on having fun and hand tricks while social dancing, that’s where I started getting calls on having private & group lessons.
I helped people kick start their dance journey in the least amount of time. I used my soft communication skills to help dancers learn complex steps in the simplest approach.

The key to enhancement in salsa is to practice practice practice, never stop learning, and keep your mind open to new styles and learning is not a sin, it’s a virtue.


2. Istanbul Bachata Festival

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