Hi I'm Bobz, I growth hacked my businesses to generate millions in less than a year.
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P.S. I'm a LifeCoach
P.S.S. I'm a badass salsa dancer


In a nutshell

An exotic serial entrepreneur

Started my first business since I was 16 and since then growing non-stop. Currently leading 14+ companies in 40 countries. Learned a lot of lessons the hard way, but they are the reason behind my current humble success. I’m a people person, and I love mentoring talents. Got a lot of exotic memories like jumping from high places, scuba diving with sharks, exploring dangerous caves, and a lot of adrenaline boosters. Yes, I’m a badass dancer too.

Companies I’m Growth Hacking

Top Performing Companies in 2020-2021

my businesses

Top Performing Companies in 2020-2021

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My Exotic Life

I’m always looking for the next exotic experience to add to my memories, whether it’s high in the sky, above a mountain, underwater, inside a cave or salsa dancing.

If you have an emergency, Don’t hesitate to text me.

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